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We’ve all bought a beautiful bunch of daffodils to brighten a room and bring a hint of spring into the house, but how many of us have been disappointed when they last only a day or two or when other flowers we put them with die?

One important fact to know about daffodils and other types of narcissi is that they exude a poisonous sap, which is responsible for blocking the flowers stems so they can’t take up water.

But if you follow these simple tips you can enjoy a long lasting display of daffodils and put them with other spring flowers without causing any harm.

Step 1

Recut the stems of the daffodils to the final length you want for your arrangement.

Step 2

Put them in cold water (spring bulb flowers prefer cold to tepid water) with some cut flower food and leave for between 6 and 12 hours.

Step 3

The sap will now have stopped flowing and the daffodils can be placed in their final arrangement or in a vase on their own. Make sure you don’t recut the stems though. Daffodils don’t like being in deep water, just 8 to 10cm will be sufficient.

Remember to change the water in your vase regularly to keep bacteria at bay and ensure the longevity of your display.

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