Tips for Buying Fresh Flowers

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This is the first step in ensuring you arrangement lasts well.

Always buy flowers that are as fresh as possible and use a florist with a regular turnover. Get to know the days when they have fresh stock in.

Some things to look for:

  • Flowers should look firm and fresh and have good coloured petals
  • Faded, marked or shrivelled petals indicates that they are past their best
  • Check for flower heads which may be broken or damaged
  • Leaves should be green with no signs of yellowing
  • Check the bottom of the stems for signs of yellowing or a rotting vegetation odour, which may indicate that the flowers have been stored for some time.
  • Some flowers, such as spray carnations, should have some colour showing in the buds; if they are too green they won’t open.

Follow these tips to ensure you have a long lasting design.

Look out for our next blog on conditioning and caring for your flowers

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